Jaden Smith Names The Artists Who He Says "Musically Raised" Him

Artists, regardless of the genre or artistic medium, have their lists of fellow artists they’d like to collaborate with. Rarely, if ever, artists are actually able to link up and work with those that they admire, but Jaden Smith is one of those unusual cases as he had the opportunity to connect with his “goal features” on his recently released sophomore studio album ERYS.

The 21-year-old sat down with Complex and was asked if, now that he’s worked with the artists he’s listed as influences and mentors, he would create a new “goal features” list. Smith said it doesn’t work like that. “No, you don’t write another list of goal features,” he stated. “That was legendary. Those people pretty much musically raised me: Tyler, Rocky, Cudi. That is the dream.”

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

However, there was a rap trio that he was hoping to collaborate with on ERYS, but in the end, it just didn’t work out. “There was another group of people that I wanted to be on the album that I couldn’t get, which I was very, very,…

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