DMX Off The Hook For Valet Corvette Mix-Up In L.A.

Rapper DMX has been working his hardest to stay out of trouble. Earlier this year, the 48-year-old was released from prison after serving a yearlong sentence for tax evasion. Determined to never find himself behind bars again, the rapper has been focused on working on his music, performing shows, and staying dedicated to his spirituality.

This is also a sensitive time for DMX because for the next three years he’s on parole. That is why back in March, the rapper was reportedly nervous about a valet mix-up that took place at STK restaurant at the W Hotel in Hollywood. According to reports, the rapper was dining out with friends and when it was time for them to leave, the driver of the entourage realized they’d misplaced their ticket for their Corvette. One of the valet workers remembered the group and said he would just go fetch the car. DMX’s friend got behind the wheel with the rapper in the passenger seat and they took off. 

The only thing they didn’t notice was that the Corvette they were driving didn’t belong to DMX’s friend, and when the true owner came for his luxury ride, it was missing. He reported the car stolen and the police arrived on the scene, but the valet explained the mix-up. The car was eventually recovered, but there was still in an investigation carried out because…

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