Ariana Grande Expands Her Family Since Adopting Two "Harry Potter" Dogs

Ariana Grande loves her some dogs. The “Needy” singer’s recent Vogue feature detailed how she has seven dogs and now the grand total is at nine since she’s adopted just two more puppies. Ariana showed off her two new Harry Potter-inspired pets that are named Snape and Lily on her Instagram story, that sees their adorable little faces in hoodies with their new name stamped on them. 

One of Ariana’s dogs, Toulouse, sat on her lap for her Vogue cover photo, something Ariana felt privileged to be a part of. “Thanks for allowing me to be in the background of toulouse’s first Vogue cover,” she wrote on Twitter. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Elsewhere in Ariana’s magazine feature, she opened up about her ex Mac Miller and the exhausting…

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