Angry Bagel Shop Guy Defends Misogyny, Shares Thoughts On Racism

The internet has a tendency of putting a huge spotlight on unknown characters. Some of them deserve attention while others are better off being a regular joe like the rest of us. Unfortunately, a viral video of a man who went ballistic in a New York bagel shop has made him an internet celebrity of sorts. To recap, the man, who is now known as the Angry Bagel Shop man, went on a misogynistic rant towards the staff — largely due to his 5’0″ stature — before a man tackled him to the ground. But in a recent interview, he revealed that he’s not only misogynistic but an all-around American bigot at heart.

Chris Morgan was roaming the streets of New York when a TMZ camera guy spotted him and decided to ask him a few questions. Off the bat, the cameraman asked Morgan if he considered himself a misogynist. “What does that mean? Like, egotistical?” He replied before the cameraman gave him a definition. “I won’t lie, most of them, yeah, because I don’t trust any of them,” he replied.

The cameraman then went onto ask Morgan if he considers himself homophobic or racist. The bagel dude said he doesn’t have a problem with gay people but he just doesn’t want him touching his private parts. I’m not sure if anyone told him this but if…

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