Tommie Lee Shares Details About Altercation That Led To Child Abuse Charges

For months, Tommie Lee sat in jail on child abuse charges. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star has had run-ins with the law throughout her life, but these were some of the most serious charges yet. Lee always defended her truth and said she never hurt her daughter, and for the first time, she’s publicly sharing what happened the day she reportedly went to her daughter’s school to discipline her.

According to Lee, she started to worry about her child after she got numerous reports from her daughter’s school that the young girl was getting into trouble. Lee told Hello Beautiful that her daughter even got ahold of some marijuana edibles and gave them to her friends in school. In turn, one of the students fell ill and their worried parents rushed them to the hospital. 

“I’m scared as hell,” she said. “Nobody said anything for a while then I got a letter in the mail from the police that the state was charging my daughter.” Later, Lee received a call that her daughter was once again misbehaving. She recalled the one thing that made her stop doing wrong when she was in school, and it was when her mother went down to her campus and physically disciplined her in front of her classmates.

“I took her hoodie and I jacked her up against the locker. I’m the last person who’s going to hurt my kids,” Lee said of the altercation that occurred at her daughter’s school. “Everything in that report was untrue. Physical abuse is the last form of punishment for children in my household. I can count the times I had to be physical with my children on my hand because I…

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