Nipsey Hussle's Baby Mother Tanisha Foster Refutes Claims Of "Unfit Parenting"

Nipsey Hussle’s baby mother Tanisha Foster is fighting tooth and nail to gain full custody of her own flesh and blood, this according to TMZ, who broke the story moments ago. In legal papers obtained by the media outlet, Foster asserts that while Nipsey Hussle was alive, the estranged lovers shared in the childraising responsibilities of their child, 10-year old Emani.

David McNew/Getty Images

For as long as the issue of Nipsey’s custodial arrangement has been in the headlines, Tanisha has been made out to be an “unfit parent,” generally by Nipsey’s family and closest of kin. Within the same legal papers, Foster claims that her characterization has been unfair, to say the least. While he was alive, not only did they share in their parental responsibilities, but Nipsey had her set up in an apartment, or so she claims. Since Nipsey’s passing, his assets have been relocated based on the stipulations of his will, or through the dispersal of an arbitrator, resulting in Foster losing her monthly allowance.

Although, Foster feels she’s being unfairly judged due to a “problem…

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