Wendy Williams Removed All Evidence Of Kevin Hunter On Set Of Talk Show

Wendy Williams took no time to completely remove any evidence of her estranged husband Kevin Hunter when she filed for divorce and fired him from his role as executive producer on her self titled talk show. Sources tell Page Six that Kevin’s former office got a serious makeover and now has a new purpose. 

“[Staffers] removed any trace of Kevin,” the source told the publication. “It’s been completely gutted.” Apparently, pictures of Wendy and Kevin were also removed although it’s unsure if Kevin took them or they were thrown in the trash. The space is now being used as an office for the show’s audience coordinators.

Sources also detailed how Kevin no longer being there has lead to some chaos since Wendy doesn’t have her husband to keep people away from her. “People didn’t like Kevin because he controlled access to Wendy,” the source detailed, “and now that he’s not there it’s chaotic in that people can walk up to Wendy now and before you couldn’t.”

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