Toni Braxton Testifies Against Alleged Thief Of Birdman's $1 Million Engagement Ring

TMZ has learned that Toni Braxton has taken that stand against the alleged thief who stole her $1 engagement sing while tending to her baggage claims at LAX. The ring in question, bestowed to her by Bryan “Birdman” Williams of Cash Money fame, was but one of several items allegedly stolen by the cleaning staff working her flight from JFK to LAX.

Besides the engagement ring valued at $1 million, Braxton also lost four watches, two of which figured to be Rolex’s, one a Cartier, the other unspecified. The singer was also rinsed of two pairs of vintage earrings, bringing the theft to $2.5 million in total value (lost). The incident is alleged to have transpired in February 2018 while aboard the aforementioned New York to Los Angeles, as evidenced by the Twitter trail she retroactively left behind some months later.

Toni Braxton stands opposite (in court) the man accused of orchestrating the theft of her…

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