Man With Gigantic Face Tattoo Gets A Job After 50 Cent Clowns Him

On June 10, 50 Cent shared a story that he had read about a man who was having difficulty finding a new job after getting out of prison. The 31-year-old man, named Puk Kireka, has a gang tattoo across his face that reads “Notorious.” However, this isn’t just a tiny tattoo beside his eye. Kireka was absolutely dedicated to the cause, going all in and plastering black and red ink on half of his visage. After the exposure that Fiddy got him, Kireka is putting on a happy face because he found himself a job according to Global News.

Back when his story first went viral, Kireka was absolutely clowned by 50 Cent, who wondered aloud why the man couldn’t find a suitable career. “What the fuck is really going on man. I wonder why he can’t get a job,” joked the rapper. It took a month for Kireka to find a job but he ended up lucking out with a gym in New Zealand, accepting a job as a personal trainer. 

According to the report,…

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