Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Insane Abs On "Hustlers" Set

The official trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s latest blockbuster will be released next week but already, we’ve gotten more than enough teasers and photos from the set that we know what to expect. Hustlers is set to explore the world of exotic dance and a few famous stars will be making cameos. Cardi B, who was a stripper before making music, has signed onto the production and Lizzo, who recently scored a new Top 10 single, is also on the cast. J-Lo has been training for this role for months and we can see all the work she’s been putting in inside the gym. Her abs are crazy toned right now and people are taking notice.

A few promo photos were released online yesterday, showing Lizzo, Cardi, J-Lo and others in character at the club. Lopez wears a bra and leggings in her shoot, drawing attention to her six-pack abdomen. The mother-of-two posed on a bed of bricks, promoting her It’s My Party tour and proving that she still spends a lot of time working…

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