YNW Melly & Kanye West's "Mixed Personalities" Goes Platinum

YNW Melly is currently incarcerated for his alleged involvement in a double murder, which ultimately served to put his rising career on hold. Yet Melly managed to earn himself a loyal following during his short tenure in the game, largely off the strength of his debut album We All Shine. 

Though he primarily handled the album himself, lead single “Mixed Personalities” found him sharing the spotlight with the legendary Kanye West. Off the bat, the single helped catapult Melly onto many-a-radar, establishing his position as one of the most intriguing young songwriters of the year. To this day, “Mixed Personalities” is sitting at 76 million YouTube views, a number that will likely continue to rise. 

Now, it has been revealed that Melly has earned himself a platinum plaque for his efforts. As of July 9th, the RIAA has certified “Mixed Personalities,” making it Melly’s second track to land the honor – the first was “Murder On My Mind,” which skyrocketed to notoriety upon his involvement in the aforementioned case. Clearly, Melly’s fame is only…

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