Woman Orders "Moana" Cake, Gets "Marijuana" Cake Instead

Birthdays and cake come hand in hand like Megan Thee Stallion and booty shorts. In fact, is it even really your birthday if you didn’t have at least one slice of cake to celebrate the day? Many people choose to take advantage of the occasion to pull out the big guns, placing orders for cakes which they think will showcase their personality or humor to their guests, alongside a sweet treat. We’ve seen a number of lavishly decorated cakes by celebrities who wanted to do just that, from XXXTENTACION’s epic diamond encrusted skull-shaped birthday cake, to the scarily accurate, lifesize 3D cake Kylie got for Travis on his birthday, which was a replica of his (at the time) newly released Air Jordan 1s. However, sometimes, people can make mistakes, and when there’s a specific order placed over the phone, it isn’t uncommon to think you heard something completely different than what was actually said, which seems to be the case for this particular cake.

A Georgia woman named Kensli Taylor Davis took to Facebook last week, to let her followers know that her mother had ordered her a 25th birthday cake themed like Disney’s Moana, the family-friendly Polynesian princess. What she ended up getting, however, was just a liiittle less PG-rated than her mother had initially planned… Instead of a sea-themed Moana cake, the cake decorator seemed to have heard “marijuana” (easy…

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