Salt-N-Pepa's DJ, Spinderella Sues The Duo For "Screwing Her Out Of Millions"

Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” will probably still be playing on radios and in house parties for decades to come; as people never quite seem to tire of the cult classic track. The epic girl group will seemingly never go out of style, as loyal fans all over the globe continue to bump their tracks, as such, their devoted fans were excited to see the group were hitting the road once again, set to join New Kids On The Block for “The Mixtape Tour” this summer. However, as we reported back in May, though the group’s promotional efforts for the upcoming tour featured pictures of all three members – Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderella – standing as a united front, there was actually trouble in paradise all along. Despite reports that the group were moving forward as a trio,  Spinderella took to Instagram to open up about her “termination” from the group, explaining that she would “not be performing on the #NKOTB Mixtape Tour.” With no further explanation provided, people were left thirsting for more tea on the matter, and now, news has arrived that reveals a possible premeditated decision by Salt-n-Pepa to leave Spinderella out of the loop, as the DJ is suing the duo on 3 different counts, claiming they screwed her out of her slice of the pie.