Ryan Hollins Calls Kawhi Leonard A "Fluke," Joe Budden & Freddie Gibbs React

Every time Ryan Hollins goes on ESPN’s First Take, he ends up saying something absolutely ridiculous. Usually, he gets clowned by Max Kellerman and we all laugh about it. This time around though, Hollins’ scandalous hot take drew so much vitriol that the whole internet wants him gone from the show. During a segment about Kawhi Leonard, Hollins claimed that the Los Angeles Clippers star is a “fluke” and that he has the most to prove in the NBA. Despite winning two NBA title and two finals MVPs, Hollins saw fit to question Leonard’s ability to be a star in the league.

At first glance, this hot take is straight slander and on second glance, it’s even worse. While the clip itself has yet to make it to the internet, Twitter is already talking about it, including a pair of artists in Joe Budden and Freddie Gibbs. The two were so fed up with Hollins’ take that they asked for him to be taken off of their TV screens.

Aside from famous artists, Hollins also drew the attention of pretty well everyone who watches the show. It was hard to find a single person who agreed with him which just goes to show what a contrarian the former player has become. 

Leonard is poised for a great season in Los Angeles and any claims of him being a fluke should be promptly dismissed.

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