Moniece Slaughter Says Fizz & Apryl Jones Bonded Over "Disdain For Omarion"

She may not be making a big return to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (that we know of), but that hasn’t stopped Moniece Slaughter from telling everyone’s business. Slaughter has wandered through quite a few VH1 reality shows from her time on LHHH to her dating Rich Dollaz on Love & Hip Hop New York to her popping up on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with Scrappy. She may have many storylines—and beefs—with castmates from around the country, but she’s commonly known because she shares a son with Fizz from B2K.

He co-parenting journey with Fizz hasn’t always been an easy one as VH1 cameras have documented their heated arguments, but they’ve seemed to make it work. Previously, Moniece made accusations that Fizz was dating Apryl Jones, ex-girlfriend to Fizz’s B2k groupmate Omarion and mother of his two children. Recently, there were some photos that showed Fizz and Apryl laying next to each other in bed, so Moniece took it upon herself to “congratulate” them on their romance.

“Congrats on moving into the new house together,” she said in a video clip. “Congrats on potentially getting married and having kids and I could not wish for a better stepmother for my son. Just be a little more respectful and mind your f*cking business. And we can be the biggest, bestest, blended family ever.”

The reality star sat down with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked to spill more details about her ex’s situation, and she didn’t hold back at all. In the interview, Slaughter revealed that Fizz and April began living together after his place got caught up in a drug raid over allegations that there was marijuana being sold there. “What makes this situation so off-putting for me, from what I know, [Fizz] did not pursue a friendship with Apryl until he and [Omarion] fell out,” she said. “I think initially that was their common ground. I think that they bond over having a common disdain for [Omarion].” 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

“When I made the comment on social media [about Fizz and Apryl dating], my son had felt the need to hide and lie,” she said. “He said he thought that I didn’t want him around Apryl because of what happened between ‘Daddy and Uncle [Omarion].’ I don’t even know what transpired between these two men, and why he would be worried about that at nine-years-old.”


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