Madlib Reveals Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar Have A Ton Of Unreleased Collabs Over His Beats

This morning we reported that the partnership of Freddie Gibbs and Madlib had made an appearance on Hot 97 to check in with Peter Rosenberg, and talk their new Bandana album. Gibbs detailed writing the majority of the project while facing ten years in prison over a false accusation, and an elusive Madlib spoke about the legacy carried on by two’s second collaborative album, once sparked by JayLib, Madlib’s partnership with J. Dilla – amongst other things. The legendary producer also made a revelation that divulged the fact that a bunch of his beats had been used by Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in 40 unreleased songs they had saved up.

The two artists joined forces for “No More Parties in LA” back in 2016, making it their first and only record together. The same year that album came out, Kanye claimed to have 40 unreleased songs with Kendrick, and now Madlib has revealed that most of said tracks were over his own beats. “I sent [Kanye] like a hundred beats,” Madlib said. “Him and Kendrick were rapping over a bunch of stuff but they didn’t really put the stuff out. That’s the only one that they put out.” Madlib himself produced “No More Parties in LA,” but the producer and Ye first worked together on Ye’s 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Although the exact timing of Madlib claims to have sent Kanye over a 100-song beat pack, but didn’t specifcy when exactly he did so. He did however, tell Red Bull Music Academy that several of those beats ended up on his 2014 collaborative album with Gibbs, Piñata. Gibbs even…

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