Lil Kim Checks The Media & Rabid Fans: "Put Some Respect On My Name"

Failing to respect a hip-hop OG is a faux pas in the game, yet it feels like more and more people seem open to doing exactly that. Today, Lil Kim took a moment to issue a warning of sorts, imploring a variety of media outlets and overzealous fans to put some respect on her name. After pulling the plug on a variety of press stops, Kim hit Instagram Live to explain the circumstances behind her decision.

“Two of the major outlets want it to be messy,” she explains. “My publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point it’s about me, I’m that bitch. Nothing else. I refuse to fu*king keep doing all of these interviews, publications, all that shit, if mutherf*ckas is not going to respect who I am. What I’ve done. Where I’m at now. Put some fuckin’ respect on my name, period.” 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

“I’ve been trying my best to do whatever it takes to make my fans happy,” she continues. “Thursday was supposed to be a big press day for me. I was supposed to do Watch What Happens Live With Andy, I was supposed to do the Today Show, I was supposed to do Access Hollywood. But there were two publications, one of which being Watch What Happens Live With Andy – I have a cool relationship with him, but I thought…” 

She takes a moment to address some of her fans, likely belonging to the “rabid” camp. “Ya’ll get on my nerves, I love ya’ll, but ya’ll get on my nerves. Ya’ll don’t be understanding, shit be deeper than what ya’ll fuckin know. If ya’ll don’t see me doing press or certain things, it’s because I’m fightin’, I’m fuc*in fightin! I’m not about to have muthafuckas not put respect on my…

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