Lakers Prospect Steals Mitchell Robinson's Headband & Throws It: Watch

Summer League might not be the most popular form of NBA basketball although it definitely serves its purpose as a way for prospects to show their worth and earn their spot on an NBA roster. Last night, the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers played each other in Las Vegas with the Knicks winning by a score of 117-96. The game itself wasn’t the biggest story of the night though as there was a pretty hilarious ejection at one point. Lakers prospect Nick Perkins and Mitchell Robinson of the Knicks both went for the ball and when Robinson secured it, Perkins ripped his headband off. While that might be embarrassing enough, he didn’t stop there as he whipped the sweaty garment at Robinson in a fit of rage.

The referee had immediately seen enough and told Perkins to get off of the court. In the video above, you can clearly see the sweat being flung all over the place which…

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