"Cuphead" Video Game Is Officially Heading To Netflix

Die-hard gamers likely know the struggle of Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, either first-hand or through vicarious experience. Many of the former camp have no doubt tasted the salt of their own aggravated tears, having lived through the charming yet challenging game’s merciless gauntlet of pain. Don’t let the 1930’s animation artwork fool you – Cuphead is a hellish romp, but one undoubtedly worth taking. Yet despite the game’s notorious difficulty, Cuphead has developed a loyal cult following, so much so that Netflix has officially decided to throw their weight behind it.

The streaming giant officially revealed plans to drop The Cuphead Show, an all-ages animated series hand-drawn by those at Netflix’s animation studio. Speaking with IGN, Cuphead co-creator Chad Moldenhauer opened up about passing the torch, stating “We are not going to be animating this [ourselves] because it would never be finished.” He also explains that “the current goal is to stay as far away from [computer-assisted] puppeteer animation as possible.”

While the release date has yet to be announced, IGN has also shared a press…

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