Nicki Minaj Joins The #FreeASAP Movement & Shares Her Own Story

One can only imagine what each moment inside of a Swedish jail must be like for A$AP Rocky. According to reports, the rapper has had minimal contact with his loved ones and is living in vile conditions with very little to eat. The Swedish courts have reportedly denied his appeal, and although there is video footage to show that he wasn’t the aggressor in the filmed attack that went viral, the rapper is still being held and is charged with suspicion of assault.

Celebrities are banding together in hopes of seeing their friend and comrade released soon, and there are even those who have vowed to boycott performing in Sweden until they see their form of justice served. Nicki Minaj has added her voice to the #FreeASAP movement, but of course, it comes with a bit of social media backlash attached.

The “Megatron” rapper hopped on Instagram to share a quick story about a frightening experience she had after finishing up a performance. “I performed in Jamaica before & when i got off the stage I was surrounded by police with guns drawn,” Nicki tweeted. “They were ready 2 take me to jail b/c they said I forgot to bleep a couple curses…. I could make one mistake & go to jail in a diff country where women have no rights. #FreeAsap.”

Instead of just receiving the message, some people interpreted Nicki’s story as the rapper criticizing Jamaica on how they treat women. “Ummm for the ppl in the back, I wasn’t saying Jamaica doesn’t have women’s rights,” she later added. “I gave an example of what happened in JA to explain how easy it would be to do one thing wrong in Saudia Arabia b/c I’m not aware of every single rule & be locked up. Everyone knows I love JA. STFU. It’s like y’all purposely misunderstand me. Just say you don’t like me and GWARN!!!! ????”

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