LeBron James Jokingly Teases New "Kung Fu" Look Ahead Of Next Season

Heading into next season, LeBron James will be bringing back some of his signature habits and traits. For instance, LeBron revealed that he would be giving the number 23 to Anthony Davis and would be taking his old number 6 from Miami instead. The King also noted that he wants to bring back his signature chalk toss which he hasn’t done since 2014. Ever since LeBron said he was doing all of this, fans have been asking him to bring back his infamous headband and based on his latest Instagram post, there is a chance it might happen but with a twist.

The Lakers superstar posted a photoshopped image of him wearing a kung-fu style headband alongside the caption “Kung Fu King, Bruce Lee-Bron”?? It’s obvious that LeBron was only kidding here although it would be pretty interesting to see him actually rock this in a game.

LeBron will certainly have a more refined Lakers team to roll with this season thanks to the addition of Davis and other auxiliary players like Danny Green and DeMarcus…

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