Kevin McCall Wants The "War On Dads" To End

Often one to defend himself on social media, Kevin McCall has faced a number of shocking accusations. Many of allegations against him come from his ex and mother of his child, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Eva Marcille. The America’s Next Top Model winner has shared openly that not only is she afraid of McCall, but she has repeatedly moved in order to keep her place of residence a secret. She also made claims that he physically abused her, remarks that McCall didn’t appreciate as he tweeted for her to stop using him as a storyline for her reality show.

The songwriter-producer-rapper took to his Instagram on Tuesday to spark a discussion about both father’s rights and the dismantling of black families. His intention was to make his followers think about whether or not they were contributing to the destruction of a familial unit. “You are either the reason MORE Black families are United- Or the reason MORE Black families DIE,” McCall wrote. “Which one have you truly Been lately? God knows the real answer so save it for him. Not me.”

He didn’t stop there. He followed up his first statement with another, the next time, however, was included with a photo of his daughter, Marley Rae, whom he shares with Eva. “Phases come and go…The bond a REAL father has with his child should never be tampered with – manipulated- or preyed upon by ANY outside variables,” he wrote in a caption. “Therefore by the laws of the Almighty God you fit in one of two categories… #1 you are solution in black families getting better and growing together #2 You are a cancerous…

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