Jimmy Butler's Name Misspelled In 76ers Tribute Post, Twitter Reacts

Jimmy Butler only got to play with the Philadelphia 76ers for one season but his impact was immediately felt. He was a huge part of their offensive success this past season and helped them get to the second round of the playoffs where they were a buzzer beater away from knocking off the Toronto Raptors. Heading into the offseason, it was unknown as to whether or not Butler would come back to the squad. In the end, he was a part of a sign-and-trade deal with the Miami Heat. Miami certainly fits Butler’s personality and he’s already starting to fit in.

Over the weekend, the 76ers took to Twitter to thank Butler for his season and sure enough, they completely spelled his name wrong. Instead of calling him Jimmy Butler, they called him “Jimmy Buter.” The 76ers were immediately roasted for this error and ended up taking down their post. They eventually reposted the same graphic except his name was spelled properly this time around. 

As usual, Twitter did their thing and came through with a plethora of memes poking fun at the 76ers and their lack of spell check. Butler probably doesn’t care too much though, he’s about to get paid and play in Miami on top of that. If I had that kind of life, they could spell my name wrong all day.


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