Clippers Honor Kawhi Leonard Signing With Hilarious "We Got 'Em" Meme

Kawhi Leonard was a man on everyone’s mind throughout free agency and over the weekend, he finally announced that he would be going to the Los Angeles Clippers. He was expected to sign a four-year deal with the team, although he decided to go with a three-year deal with a player option in the third year. This allows Kawhi to pursue a max contract after his tenth season, which will make him eligible for a lot more money. Even though the Clippers won’t have Leonard under contract for the long term, they’re still pretty excited about his presence on the team.

The Clippers took to Twitter with their very own take on the infamous “ladies and gentleman, we got ’em” meme. Of course, the original video was supposed to be an announcement after the capture of Saddam Hussein. For the Clippers, Leonard was their man from that start and they were able to get him to sign on, which is why the meme is so funny. The video even features the song from the meme and includes some of Kawhi’s biggest highlights.

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