Cedric The Entertainer Executive Producing "Meme Gods" About History Of Memes

We never thought there would be a day when someone could classify themselves as a “Meme Expert” on their resumé, yet here we are. It’s indisputable that memes hold a special place in global culture. Overnight, a photo, video clip, or gif can make someone famous; create a buzz for a television series or film; destroy someone’s reputation; or even shift how the public views a political vote, law, candidate, or leader.

Memes have become their own little monsters, and daily, millions circulate through social media. Cedric the Entertainer is partnering with Sean Flax and Bryan Black to deliver a forthcoming documentary, Meme Gods, that takes a look at the development and influence of these often funny images.

“They are redefinig comedy and social media as we know it,” the comedian said in a clip. “Millions share them, pass them around, laugh at them, spend all day browsing them. But where do they come from? Who is creating this stuff? Join me as we talk to some of the biggest meme creators in the world and find out what inspires them. And why do they do this? We will hear from meme experts about the history of memes and learn about how memes impact news and politics. You’ll even hear from comedians and celebrities like myself and find out what memes mean to them. Join me, Cedric the Entertainer, and meet the Meme Gods.”

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