Carmelo Anthony Cares Too Much About Scoring, Says Chauncey Billups

Carmelo Anthony has been one of the big names tossed around this Summer in the midst of free agency. Anthony played ten games for the Houston Rockets last season although his tenure quickly came to an end as it was clear he wasn’t a good fight. Melo has been out of the league ever since and it doesn’t seem like many teams are looking to take a chance on him. There is no denying that Anthony still has the talent to play in the league but for some, his attitude has kept him from getting onto a roster.

In a recent interview, former NBA player Chauncey Billups talked about Carmelo and gave an explanation as to why he can’t find a team. As Billups noted, Anthony cared too much about scoring and hasn’t been able to rid of himself of that mentality. This attitude has made Melo scoff at the idea of being a bench player which is what many teams see him as.