Cardi B Calls Tasha K's Baby-Harming Accusations "Frivolous"

Cardi B’s legal hurdles with blogger Latasha K has recently taken a turn, and the rapper is calling foul. The “Press” artist is already dealing with a courtroom battle as she stands accused of orchestrating a strip club beat down, but now Tasha is hitting Cardi with a new slew of accusations. Earlier this year, TMZ reported that Cardi sued Tasha for stating that the rapper was a drug user and prostitute with an STD. Tasha clapped back with a lawsuit of her own, accusing Cardi of slander. 

However, Tasha has upped those allegations, now saying that Cardi harmed her unborn child by causing her stress after threatening her with violence. Tasha also states that she had to find a new place to live because she was so afraid and that her doctor recommended she be on bed rest throughout her pregnancy for the health of her baby. The blogger reportedly claims that she even contacted the FBI but was just told to move to another location if she was feeling unsafe and believed that Cardi’s alleged gang member affiliates were going to come after her.

Cardi responded to these new claims by releasing the following statement to TMZ via her rep:

“Tasha K’s counterclaims are completely frivolous and have no merit. Tasha K clearly seems to think that this lawsuit and the courts are her social media channel where she thinks that…

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