Bronny James Jr Shows Shades Of LeBron With Windmill Dunk: Watch

Bronny James Jr has been showcasing his basketball prowess over the last few months thanks to some timely videos and highlight tapes. There has been significant interest when it comes to Bronny and his games considering his father his Lebron James. LeBron himself has been present at most of these games and he can usually be seen coaching Bronny from the sidelines, while also taking some practice shots during the warm-ups. LeBron has stated in the past that he hopes Bronny can carve out his own legacy and not feel obligated to do the same thing as his father.

Well, so far Bronny has been able to do just that at just the age of 14. Bronny is an impressive talent who some believe can make it to the NBA as long as he gets himself to the college game first. The teenager isn’t afraid to try new things and get some moves off and that’s exactly what he did recently. In the video posted below, Bronny goes for a dunk during a warm-up and even tries out a windmill move. Sure enough, he was able to make the basket although the windmill motion was a little questionable.

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