50 Cent Thirsts Over Serena Williams: "Put A Lil Bit Of That Ass Out There"

There is no predicting what 50 Cent will do next on social media. The man is just about as inconsistent as anybody on Instagram, posting memes one day, photos of his son the next, and thirsting over women the next. There doesn’t appear to be a schedule for Fif’s posts. Whatever comes to his mind gets uploaded and he’ll face the consequences if need be. Yesterday, the rapper trolled the living hell out of Floyd Mayweather and his massive Chanel bag and today, he’s switching over to a new target. However, this time he’s trying to contain his excitement for Serena Williams’ new magazine cover.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The tennis star got a little cheeky in her new Harper’s Bazaar spread, baring her behind in a gold dress that blew away in the wind. The feature is being advertised as “the naked truth,” going into Serena’s story with no censor. 50 Cent wishes the wind were blowing a little harder in the photo studio because he felt a need to repost the same image, adding some thirsty comments in his caption.

“@serenawilliams put a lil bit of that ass out there,”…

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