50 Cent Fan Sends Him $10K Worth Of Alcohol For His Birthday

This weekend, 50 Cent celebrated his birthday and he was lucky enough to get some gifts from his fans, friends and family. We all know that Fiddy will treat himself whenever he pleases and he’s always begging his rivals to pay him interest on what they owe him. He’s obsessed with getting his paper up. The thought consumes his brain on a regular basis. When he hit the club for his special day, the rapper ended the night with a big smile on his face because he could finally be fiscally responsible. He’s not exactly frugal but whenever he has a chance to spend somebody else’s money, Curtis will jump at the chance. While he probably makes way more bank than even his richest fan, one person decided to spoil Fif by spending $10K on him, making sure he drinks free all night.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Considering the fact that he ends every single one of his social posts with the same hashtags, you won’t be surprised to hear that he was sipping from bottles of Le Chemin du Roi all night, his own brand of bubbly. According to Page Six, Jackson was very…

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