"The Wire" Star Anwan Glover Arrested In D.C. On Gun Charge: Report

The actor on The Wire who played Slim Charles was locked up for the past week on a gun charge that he claims is complete BS. Anwar Glover, who also played in 12 Years A Slave, was arrested in late June in Washington, D.C. on a misdemeanor charge for unlawful possession of a weapon, TMZ reports. However, he and his legal team are refuting the claims made by police.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

According to docs, Glover was placed under arrest after police stopped him in a white Jeep under the suspicion that he brandished a gun. Cops were keeping an eye out for a driver in a white Jeep that was driving around and showed a gun out of the window. Glover’s vehicle happened to match that description. Police stopped him not only for the vehicle but also for road violations after he allegedly made multiple lane changes without signaling. Although he denied the police when they asked to search his vehicle, they did so anyway, claiming they had probable cause. That’s when they said they found a Smith & Wesson inside of the Jeep.

Glover’s lawyers stated that the actor had no knowledge of the firearm inside of the gun and claimed police had no right to come after him either. They…

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