NLE Choppa's Bae Gets His Face Tattooed On Her Shoulder

NLE Choppa gets compared to YoungBoy Never Broke Again all the time. They have a similar sound in their music but with YoungBoy’s absence from the game these days, Choppa has had several opportunities to shine through as a true star. The 16-year-old Memphis rapper is on the come up and he’s been proving to everybody just why they should be paying attention to his moves. He recently took to social media to share videos of himself in the tattoo shop, posting the end result of his night with his girlfriend and leaving even more fans to draw comparisons between himself and the teenage Baton Rouge sensation.

Their music gets compared all the time and it seems as though YoungBoy and Choppa also both have hypnotizing effects on women. At this point, there are, like, a hundred women running around the world with tattoos of NBA’s face on their skin. NLE Choppa hasn’t hit that mark yet but his girlfriend knows that she loves him enough to keep him with her forever. The underage rapper posted a shot of himself with a red ink script tattoo of his girl’s name Mariah. She went one step further than Choppa though, getting his entire face tatted on her back.

As you would expect, fans are not entirely…

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