Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 17 Recap: Karlie Redd's Lie Detector Test Results Are In

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Rasheeda launches her mother-daughter event where several clashes occur, Joc continues to fight to get Kendra back, the Mama Dee and Mama CeCe beef returns and more in this week’s juicy episode. 

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Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


In an attempt to salvage what’s left of his relationship with Kendra, Joc decides to have a sit-down with all the women who were involved in the unraveling of his relationship. Karlie Redd, Sharonda, Shekinah and one of Joc’s baby mothers, Cyn, were in attendance and were hit with some heavy questioning by Joc. Upon realizing the news of Joc’s alleged affairs stemmed from the telephone-like interplay between these women, Joc immediately lost his cool. Despite first attempting to mediate the situation and get the truth out, everything went left as Joc felt the women in the room were all consciously working to sabotage his relationship and happiness. As such, he kicked all of them out and broke off his business partnership with Sharonda. 

Eventually, Joc brought his aching heart to Kendra’s place of work in order to ask for her forgiveness. Though Kendra did not budge and felt embarrassed by Joc’s desperate gesture of showing up at her job. She asked him for some time to think and left Joc severely wounded by the idea of losing her for good.


Earlier in the season, we bore witness to the tumultuous relationship between Scrappy’s mother, Mama Dee, and Bambi’s mother, Cece. Luckily after a few episodes, the family were able to stand as a united front prior to the arrival of Scrappy and Bambi’s newborn. And while we thought the previous attempts at reconciliation were successful, this week’s episode showed that the family drama was far from over. Erica Dixon, Scrappy and Mama Dee all revealed details of what went down at E-Money’s 14th birthday party. A few fights ensued which involved Erica Dixon’s mom along with Mama Dee and CeCe.

Although we do not know who is really to blame in the aforementioned situation, it was revealed that things got heated enough for the poor 14-year-old to walk out of her own birthday, in tears. Moreover, a conversation between Rasheeda and Mama Dee teased that the following episode will delve into what really went down and perhaps revisit the tensions between Mama Dee and CeCe.


In the wake of Rasheeda’s mother-daughter event, the beautiful daughters of the series’ cast members visited their mothers in this week’s episode. One of Pooh’s three daughters showed up and suggested that the duo make an appearance at Rasheeda’s event. It did not seem like they had any malicious intents at first, but upon showing up to the party, things took an interesting turn. Karlie’s daughter Jasmine also visited and revealed she wanted to take a break from school.

When asked why, Jasmine revealed that she was being bullied at school over the allegations of a sexual liaison between Pooh, Hiram, and Karlie. Karlie was shocked to find out the season-long drama affected her daughter so much that it prompted her to quit school. And knowing…

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