Guapdad 4000 Reflects On Taking His "Biggest L" & Earning Drake Co-Sign

Following a few key contributions on Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, Guapdad 4000’s name has been steadily rising. Recently, he sat down with Adam 22’s No Jumper for an extensive and entertaining interview. One of the more interesting moments arises when Guap reflects on a dark moment in his life, which he openly describes as a “big L.”

“I had Bitcoin before the whole boom and bust of it,” he explains. “With a few business partners of mine in the Ukraine. I had it offline on a drive. I was storing it on my offline wallet, trying to stack it up, then I was going to cash in. But a lot of the ATMs that was popping up had limits. I started seeing less and less support for USB plug-ins. N***as was hacking them and shit like that. It was getting wild, so I couldn’t do nothing with it. Then I lost it in a transaction.” When Adam asks how much was on the hard drive, Guapdad admits it ranged between thirty and forty thousand.

“That was it. I was done,” he admits. “I cried about it. It hurt. It was everything. I finna cash in and really go hard at this rap shit. At the time I’m in the basement in West Oakland at my granny house. My mama just got out of jail. My pops is up and down, I’m fuckin’ with him and his crew, cause when you fraudulent, you can live your best life but you can’t sustain it financially. You can afford it though…I was just done with that shit though. I called Fatman, tears in my eyes, like ‘man I’m just trying to come out here and rap.'” Luckily, Fatman held it down, and invited Guap to lay down a few tracks in his studio.

Images via HNHH

Eventually, the conversation turns to Drake, with whom Guap has been cultivating a friendship. “It literally was random,” explains Guap. “You know how you can go through n***a’s Instagram story and you just replying at the top? He got some OVO chains. Diamonds, pink and yellow, my favorite color. I’m like, ‘ey that’s hard.’ And he’s like ‘yeah it is, huh?’ At first I didn’t realize I was talking to Drake. I’m like yeah man, that shit is clean. Then I’m like, oh shit. This is Drake. I don’t know nobody that knows him. This is the biggest rapper in the world. We got to talking, and he was like ‘yo man, I love you. All the shit you been doing. You fu*kin hard, you funny as fu*k, you a great rapper.” Drake also likened him to the cult leader from the Netflix documentary Wild Country, a comparison that flattered…

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