Burger King Adds $1 Tacos To The Menu

Burger King is a popular choice for anybody fiending for some late-night eats. The fast food establishment has been around for decades and they’re perpetually changing things up to keep the menu fresh. If Taco Bell is too far of a drive for you and you want to just get a Whopper and a crispy taco at the same place, you can now do that without dropping too much money on the counter. 

Burger King announced today that they would be adding crispy tacos to the menu for a limited time only. The new item will be priced at one dollar, giving you the option to buy a couple after a night out with friends. The hard-shell delight will come with beef, cheese, lettuce and taco sauce.

“We’ve seen success with tacos in our west coast restaurants and knew it was time to bring this west coast favorite nationwide,” said Burger King’s president Chris Finazzo in a statement. According to NBC, there is no current end date to the limited run but that will be communicated later.

Tacos were…

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