August Alsina Loses Ability To Walk: Fans React

August Alsina has been through a lot in his career. He continues to leap over obstacles that are thrust in front of him, fighting through some seriously heartbreaking conditions. The singer has been dealing with an auto-immune disease for years where his liver is fighting against itself, causing him to take regular trips to the hospital. His most recent stay at a medical facility happened after August woke up one morning and had no feeling in his legs. He was temporarily unable to walk and when he consulted his doctor, he was admitted to the hospital. Alsina is in good spirits as he recovers but the severity of his condition has fans jumping to his comments section to wish him well, spreading prayers and positivity.

August’s peers rushed to show their support with Ty Dolla $ign, Jacquees, DC Young Fly and others all showing love in the comments. The 2014 XXL Freshman lost the ability to walk and people have been raining in praise for the artist, unsure of how he’s found the strength to keep powering through after all he’s gone through. August clearly has a top-notch character, not letting anything bring him down. While there are definitely times he feels like giving up, we appreciate the fact that he’s always been able to get back on top.

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