Aubrey O'Day Has A Few Words For Diddy As He Wants To Revive "Making The Band"

Diddy had music industry hopefuls running around the city fetching him cheesecake as he documented their ups and downs in forming a Bad Boy supergroup. Let’s take a walk down Making the Band history, shall we? While the show is largely affiliated with Sean “Diddy” Combs, the first season of Making the Band aired on ABC in 2000 and formed the boy band that would later be known as O-Town. The show lasted for three seasons and tracked the group’s recording sessions, album releases, and rise to fame as they toured the country.

Making the Band 2 is Diddy’s cut and first appeared on MTV in 2002. This was the season that featured Da Band—a mix of R&B and hip hop artists who were forced to collaborate. However, they were often plagued with arguments that kept them from progressing, and in their third and finals season in 2004, they decided to call it quits.

Then there was Making the Band 3 in 2005 that saw the development of girl group Danity Kane. This installment lasted for two seasons and the ladies went on to have quite a successful career before disbanding. They’ve recently reunited as a trio with Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex. Next was Making the Band 4 with Day 26 and singer Donnie Klang followed by Making His Band where Diddy formed his live band of musicians.

The last we’ve heard of the series was back in 2009, but earlier we reported that Diddy is looking forward to reviving his hit show. He shared a clip on Instagram where he asked fans for their input on whether or not Making the Band should return to television. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, but Aubrey O’Day slid in his comments to let him know that before he begins working on creating a new group, he should help the ones he’s already put together.

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