Tupac's Instagram Page Unveils New Summer Merch Line

The impact of legendary rapper 2Pac Shakur remains to be felt to this day, and it’s only natural that his many fans are looking to represent accordingly. Luckily, the official Tupac shop has announced a line of new summer merchandise, the bulk of which centers around his iconic discography. For the most part, each design arrives with a “washed” effect, adding a vintage, faded look to each selection. Shirts and sweaters center around Me Against The World, “Hail Mary,” “Ghetto Gospel,” and a more straightforward design of Pac’s face.

You can check out each of the new drops right here, via the Pac shop. Prices range from $35.00 for the tees, and $75 for the sweaters. Should you be interested in copping, expect shipping times ranging between four and five weeks. While you wait, be sure to revisit one of…

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