Police Officer Mistakes Sex Toy For Gun & Arrests Uber Driver

A Uber driver got himself in quite a situation as of late. According to reports by Bossip, a 48-year-old man by the name of Eliot Buenano-Andrade was nabbed by police officers in Monroe, Connecticut this past Tuesday. The driver was accosted for allegedly masturbating in the car and when the police attempted to arrest him, things went left. Buenano-Andrade attempted to reach for what the authorities thought was a gun, but really, it was actually a sex toy. The middle-aged man was caught by the police who noticed that his windows were steaming up. Additionally, an open case of beer was spotted on the passenger seat and the whole thing looked very suspicious. Upon approaching the man in the car, the police checked to see if he was drunk. They asked him to recite the alphabet and the man began with “D” and ended with “K” (pun intended, we suppose).

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The officers asked Buenano-Andrade to step out of the vehicle and at that moment, the Uber Driver began reaching for something in his pants. The cops ended up yanking him out and…

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