Nintendo's New "Dr. Mario World" Game Shows Off Dope Real-Time Multiplayer Options

For those of you 90’s babies, you might remember the entertaining as hell, Game Boy and Nintendo game, Dr. Mario, in which you had to stack medicine pills in a Tetris- esque way. Well, if you were a fan of Dr. Mario and his antics, you may be delighted to know that the game is returning as an updated Dr. Mario World, and will be coming out for free on iOS and Android devices on July 10th. Ahead of its release, however, Nintendo decided to show off what their new multiplayer feature will look like in a trailer.

Players will be able to connect and play against one another through Facebook or Line, where you can see your friend’s progress, send them hearts (which gives you stamina), as well as being able to challenge them to a real-time match. The new game will maintain its original Tetris-like structure, and as viruses are eliminated, an attack gauge will fill up, which will allow you to send those viruses over to your opponent’s way – the more your attack stat is, the more viruses you…

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