Las Vegas To Allow Parking Tickets To Be Paid With School Supplies Donation

Las Vegas is making an effort to get children the school supplies they need. The city has just announced a new initiative to allow parking tickets to be paid using school supplies instead of cash. According to the official press release, residents who received tickets from June 19 to July 19 can settle the fine by making a donation of supplies that’s equal or greater value. 

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Such supplies include pencils, pens, dry erasers, copy paper, storage bins, rulers, index cards and any other item a student may need. All products must be dropped off at the Las Vegas Parking Services Offices within 30 days of when a ticket is received. The month-long donation process will benefit the Teacher EXCHANGE and students as well as teachers in Southern Nevada. The move is part of the city’s new act to allow occasional periods where donations are accepted instead of…

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