Jorge Masvidal Makes History At UFC 239, KO'ing Ben Askren In 5 Seconds Flat

During last night’s UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal scored the fastest knockout in the promotion’s 25 years. Right out the gate, Masvidal floored his opponent Ben Askren with a flying knee to the dome. Masvidal instinctually followed the flying knee press with a ground and pound attack for added-insurance – but Askren was already out of commission by this point in the contest. 

“He’s so predictable, man. He’s a scrub,” Masvidal told Joe Rogan with regards to his opponent’s inability to defend his flying start. “A part of me wanted to just throw it out there so he knew, if you do shoot [takedown], like an idiot, like you only know how to, your head’s going to get clipped, and then I would put the brakes on him and beat him up for 14 minutes and 30 seconds and execute him. Or, you know, he took the bait. … He walked right into it.”

Ben Askren was his usual acerbic self following the contest. “Well that sucked” he posted on Twitter before reportedly attending an afterparty made out in his honor. Although they weren’t protested by Askren himself, the quote-unquote “late strikes” Masvidal administered after dropping his opponent with the knee press – have come under scrutiny by MMA conservatives alike.