Disney Reveals Official Trailer To "Mulan" Live Action-Remake

It looks like Disney is pouring out a slew of live-action remakes of our favorite movies. We’re still gearing up for the release of the highly-anticipated Lion King remake set to star Donald Glover and Beyonce amongst a seriously star-studded cast. Moreover, talks continue to swirl around the remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, with Halle Bailey recently getting confirmed as playing Ariel. Though we are still unsure who is set to play Ursula, despite fans suggesting Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy. And now, the first trailer for the Mulan live-action remake was recently revealed.

During the Women’s World Cup Final, Disney had shared a teaser of the upcoming film which is set to star Jimmy Wong as the character “Ling.” The actor began teasing the upcoming film via social media by bringing the attention of fans to the international football competition. Aside from him, the film will also star Jet Li as the Emperor, Jason Scott Lee…

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