Amazon's Jeff Bezos & Wife Mackenzie Finalize Divorce With $38 Billion Settlement

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently finalized his divorce to his wife Mackenzie and the resulting settlement is enough to make you spit your water. It is no secret that Bezos has amassed a great amount of wealth from his business savviness and the rise of Amazon as an empire along the years. And now, the billionaire has to split up his assets with his wife of more than 25 years. As such, the arrangement underlying the divorce settlement, approved by a Washington State judge, grants Mackenzie with 19.7 million shares of which easily totals at more than $38 billion dollars. Surprisingly, even though Jeff is splitting his assets and losing a large part of them, he will still remain the world’s richest person. Though his divorce will make his now ex-wife the third richest woman in the world. Now, that’s surely a nice way to part ways with someone. 

Jeff and MacKenzie first met when he was the VP…

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