Twitter Reacts To Nicki Minaj Affirming Her Impact On The Hip Hop Industry

Nicki Minaj recently celebrated her twelve-year reign in the rap industry with a lengthy post wherein she blasted her naysayers and proclaimed she would soon be putting them on blast on Queen radio. “12 years ago I dropped my 1st mixtape,” she begins, sharing an image of Playtime Is Over. “Wrote every single word on every single song. I was so proud of that.” Moreover, the Hip Hop artist also emphasized the importance of penning her own songs and paying respect to those who came before you. “I always shouted out my influences in my interviews. Now a days, it’s become cool to pretend u weren’t influenced by other artists,” she writes. “S/O to the ones big enough to do it: Kash, Asian, Cuban, Saweetie, Meg, Malibu, etc.” And upon seeing her post, fans have swarmed to the post and showed support to the rap star by coining and trending the hashtag #WeStandWithNicki. 

Of course, not all shared the same sentiments and instead, felt that Nicki had not earned her stripes yet. Considerably, social media split in two halves with those in favour of Nicki Minaj’s contributions to the game and those in opposition of the rap artist. What are your thoughts, has Nicki earned her stripes?

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