Toronto Raptors "Were In Talks" To Acquire Paul George & Russell Westbrook

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Toronto Raptors were in on the push to acquire Paul George ’til the very end. In fact, he’s gone on the record as saying that it was The Raptors’ who ultimately rejected a trade package that would have net them George and Russell Westbrook packaged together in one of those multilayered transactions where “so and so” takes on a % of player’s contract in order to balance the books.

The non-negotiable for the Raptors’ was the inclusion of Pascal Siakam in the prospective deal, and rightly so. Besides the since-departed Kawhi Leonard, Spicy P is the team’s greatest asset going forward. For fear of losing out on their long-term prospects, the Raps pulled out, as did OKC given the lack of tangible value going the other way (with or without Siakam included).


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