"Spider-Man: Far From Home" Expected To Pull In Over $180 Million This Weekend

With Spider-Man: Far From Home out in theatres, experts have already tied expectations to the new film with a figure of approximately $125 million dollars within the first six days. Moreover, reports by Variety previously showed that that the movie did very good on its Tuesday premiere by generating a total of $39.2 million dollars domestically from exactly 4,634 North American locations. The opening day results broke a record by setting a new standard for Tuesday ticket sales. Additionally, the film managed to supersede the records previously set by the Andrew Garfield-starring film The Amazing Spider-Man which was released back in 2012. The aforementioned title only brought in $35 million dollars which remains a bit close to the newer Spider-Man’s performing sales. Accordingly, new reports are now saying that the newest Marvel installment brought in a total of $124 million dollars within four-days of its release and it is expected to make even more by the end of the long weekend. 

Precisely, the Marvel Universe-film is heading towards making $180 million dollars this…

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