"Revenge Of The Dreamers 3" First Week Sales Projections Unveiled

With the recent release of J. Cole and crew’s well-curated project, Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, critics and fans have alike remained curious about the sale outcomes. Considering the project is thoroughly composed and even features a surprise verse from Hip Hop favorite, Kendrick Lamar, we expect it to do very well overall. As such, the numbers are in based on reports by HipHop N’ More, the first-week sale projections for the body of work is expected to pull in 85 to 95K copies within its first week. That is with the consideration of 8 to 10K of these sales to stem from pure sales. With these kinds of numbers, the project is certain to snag the top spot on the Billboard 200 Chart very soon. Congratulations to J. Cole and all the talented artists involved. 

It’s been a long road for Dreamville as they’ve rallied together an incredible roster of artists to deliver their ‘Album of the Year’ contender, Revenge of The Dreamers III. For over six months fans have anticipated this release, with much of the hype being within the last few weeks….

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