Philadelphia Honored Patti LaBelle With A Street, But They Misspelled Her Name

Legendary songstress Patti LaBelle was recently honored by her hometown of Philadelphia with her very own street. The street, which was located between Broad Street, Locus and Spruce Streets was named after her and although the intention was pure, the city’s street Department made a flagrant mistake. As reported by the AP, the street named after Patti LaBelle had her last name missing the capitalization on the “b.” Fortunately, the folks involved in setting up the street were quickly made aware of the mistake and able to rectify it rather quickly. In fact, when the street was unveiled, the singer had signed a correct version of the name on the sign. Along with being thankful for Philadelphia’s honorary gesture, Patti LaBelle offered a speech wherein she recognized her humble beginnings as a “shy little girl from West Philly” who evolved into the “Patti LaBelle Way.” She called the whole thing “incredible.” 

The city officials have been made aware of the mistake and are planning on installing the new signs with the correct name…

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