Dwight Howard Acquired By Memphis Grizzlies In "Cap Dumping Move"

The Dwight Howard era in Washington has regrettably come to an end, signaling the Wizard’s intention to usher in positivity… for a change. That’s not to say Howard was to fault for anything at all. By all accounts, Dwight Howard acquitted himself as a top-flight professional during his stay, so let’s refrain from name-calling for just a second.

This is how the transaction breaks down: the Memphis Grizzlies take on Dwight Howard’s contract, with perimeter specialist CJ Miles going the way of Washington, D.C. Bear in mind, there’s a kicker – the Grizz have no intention of keeping Howard on the books, according to who else but ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Based on his calculations, by dispatching of Miles and nullifying Dwight Howards’s contract, the Grizzlies will save $3.1 million they can then put towards a mid-level player in free agency.

For Washington, the transaction gives them the cap space to recruit a much-needed wing player to the fold. If you don’t trust the experts in their calculations, here’s a breakdown of what both players were due in 2019-2020: Howard is owed $5.6 million next season, while Miles is owed just south of…

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